About the Access Trax Accessible Mat

Access Trax is proud to produce versatile portable access mats in the USA. Access Trax mats are 3 foot by 3 foot flat squares made from a durable plastic that won’t degrade in the sun. Each panel only weighs 5 pounds! The lightweight nature paired with the shape allows you to easily transport and store Access Trax in the back of your car or garage without taking up much space. Removable hinges allows you to design your wheelchair accessible pathway in any configuration (turns, platforms, etc.). You can even change the pathway layout in seconds whenever needed. For more detailed product info, visit our product page here.

For more permanent applications, simply stake down the mats since there are holes in each corner for this purpose. The firm and stable surface is ADA-compliant when installed as directed and has been tested successfully with many mobility devices. Even event coordinators and vendors love using the pathway when moving heavy equipment across difficult terrain! With Access Trax, you can stop worrying about how you’ll get where you’re going and just enjoy the experience.

Grey Beach Trax pathway is laid over a rocky lakeshore with a lady in a wheelchair going towards a kayak.

1. Access Trax for Accessible Outdoor Events

The first use we’ll describe is for outdoor events. Access Trax is perfect for any outdoor event on terrain such as sand, grass, gravel, or even snow! When you need a firm and stable walking surface for your event participants and spectators, you can rely on Access Trax. You can quickly and easily create your pathway layout at your event to reach all areas such as check-in, vendors, viewing areas, and of course awards. For complete ADA-compliance at the beach, consider making your pathway “double-wide” for a 6ft wide pathway- this allows people to pass each other easily. The pathway is not just for people who use wheelchairs or walkers. A stable walkway is preferred by all people including parents with baby strollers! Access Trax is available for rent and for sale. Request a quote to make your event inclusive with the Access Trax pathway!

A man with 2 prosthetic legs and a man wearing American flag themed shorts pose for a photo standing on the Beach Trax pathway at the beach.     A woman and a man with a prosthetic leg stand on a grey Beach Trax pathway over grass at an event in the evening.

Access Trax has been used for all kinds of outdoor events!

2. ADA Beach Access Mat at National Parks

The Access Trax accessible pathway is perfect for ADA-compliance at National Parks. The firm and stable surface can be used for accessibility for visitors with disabilities, the elderly, and parents with baby strollers. Access can be for desert sand, campgrounds, river and lake access, and beaches for example. Make sure guests of all abilities can visit your beautiful Parks! Access Trax is the best solution because it is ADA-compliant when installed as directed, easy to setup and maintain, durable and long-lasting, made in the USA, and cost-effective. Individual mats can be staked down for long-term use all year-round, or the pathway can be installed for specific events or seasons.

Case Study: Golden Gate Recreational Area

Access Trax CEO Kelly Twichel installed mats as a permanent beach access solution at the Golden Gate Recreational Area in San Francisco. Crissy Field East Beach is a beautiful and highly accessible park with a parking lot, accessible restrooms, and even a free beach wheelchair program run by the Park Service. This beach park is on the San Francisco Bay and has amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Access Trax provides an ADA-compliant firm and stable surface over sand for park visitors who use mobility devices, parents with strollers, and all people. The pathway extends out from the boardwalk in a “T” shape. If you’re lucky when you visit there, you may spot local sand sculpture artist Zach Pine teaching a free class on making sand globes!

A woman in a blue tshirt with thumbs up and a man wearing a Park Ranger uniform stand next to a man in a blue tank top sitting in his wheelchair on a grey pathway over sand with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.   Image showing a grey access pathway extending out from the boardwalk at the bay in San Francisco on a sunny day.

Access Trax CEO Kelly poses with the Accessibility Coordinator and a park visitor on Access Trax after installation.

3. Wheelchair Access Mats for Beaches

Who doesn’t want to have access all the way to the water or hard-pack sand at the beach? All community members and tourists deserve to feel this freedom. Access Trax can provide an ADA-compliant solution for providing a firm and stable walkway for beach-goers to enjoy the sand or water. The beach mat can be installed for busy seasons, special occasions, or year-round because it is durable, safe, and long-lasting. Lifeguard vehicles can drive across the Access Trax with no issues.

Access Trax mats can be staked down to the sand and easily maintained by the city or parks and recreation staff. Maintenance may include sweeping (daily or weekly depending on wind patterns and foot traffic) and grading the sand underneath (perhaps every 6-12 weeks depending on local conditions). Mats are not labor intensive for crews to pick up for maintenance or removal for off-season or adverse weather such as hurricanes. The Access Trax also stack flat for storage, taking up very little room in either lifeguard towers or public works storage. The mats can also be offered to the public as a solution for meeting ADA requirements for beach event permits.

A mom and daughter who uses a prosthetic leg walk on the grey Beach Trax path at the beach.

Access Trax is a durable and effective beach access pathway for the whole community.

4. Portable Access Mat for Vacations and Travel

If your next vacation includes the beach, camping or other outdoor activities, consider adding Access Trax to your travel packing list! If any member of your family uses a mobility device such as a wheelchair, walker, crutches, or cane, Access Trax is the perfect solution for accessibility at your fingertips. Did you know that the Access Trax portable access pathway can fold and stack only inches thick? This makes it easy to check as luggage on the airplane to take on your adventure! Most airlines will accept it as your assistive technology and waive the baggage fee if you have a disability. You can also use the shoulder carrying strap to transport the panels easily. Once at the beach or other outdoor area, it only takes one person to set up in seconds to minutes. If the panels are connected in a straight path, they simply accordion unfold in seconds! Check out the images below to see for yourself! Do you have an upcoming trip? Request your free quote today to buy or rent Access Trax!

Beach Trax Unfolding by Kelly   A woman with long curly brown hair using a wheelchair is in the foreground with a man and woman unfolding a grey Beach Trax pathway on the sand at the beach during sunset in the background.

Access Trax are very portable and has been used by families for their vacations.

5. Access Trax for Yard and Garden Accessibility

Does your front or back yard have gravel, dirt, or grass that is hard to access? Do you want to avoid pouring concrete just for accessibility? Access Trax is the perfect solution for temporary or long-term accessibility in your yard at home. If you need a firm and stable pathway to your home, garden, or backyard, give it a try and experience the freedom to move around. This is one “home modification” that you’ll be excited to use! Plus, if you’re going to the beach or park, you can simply fold up your Trax from the yard and put it in the trunk of your car to take wherever you need it! Check out some examples below.

Grey Beach Trax pathway going over grass in a front yard leading to door.    A grey wheelchair accessible portable pathway extends over a gravel driveway with an SUV to the left. There is a white fence around a grass yard in the background.

Access Trax can be used around the home in your yard over grass, dirt, mud, and gravel!

6. Accessibility at Playgrounds

Have you ever been to a playground and couldn’t access the swings or play structure because of sand or wood chips? What if the parent uses a mobility device and can’t play with their child at the playground? This is very common unfortunately. Access Trax is a great solution for a temporary accessible pathway at parks and playgrounds so everyone can participate. Contact your local Parks and Recreation department or school Special Education department to start the conversation around accessibility solutions for yourself or your child.

A crowd of people clap and cheer as a mom pushes her daughter smiling in her wheelchair down the Beach Trax path on sand.   Playground structure with wood chips underneath and a grey Beach Trax pathway leading from slide to the steps.

Access Trax can be used to provide accessibility at playgrounds and parks.

For more information about Access Trax, please check out our product page or give us a call at 619-292-8766!


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