Access Trax

Our Story

Kelly and Eric met in graduate school in 2015 at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in San Diego, CA where they were both studying to become occupational therapists. As part of their curriculum they took a class called Assistive Technology where they were challenged to create a device that would help a specific population with a disability. Their professor asked the class if anyone had an idea to help adaptive surfers get from the parking lot across the sand to the waters edge with dignity and independence. Kelly and Eric designed numerous prototypes and tested them with the adaptive surfing community. The initial concept worked, and they have since continued to improve upon the design with the input of the adaptive surfers and other wheelchair users. Their goal to have Beach Trax available to the public has been realized in 2018.

Our Vision

We envision bringing the community together to help all gain access to any activity over any terrain. Beach Trax will be a leader in growing adaptive activities through product development, volunteerism, and community outreach. We will focus on providing a cost-effective solution for portable accessibility.

The creators

Access Trax Team

Kelly Twichel, OTR/L

Co-Founder & CEO of Access Trax

Eric Packard, OTR/L

Co-Founder of Access Trax


Beach Trax is the only foldable, lightweight, temporary pathway designed to increase access over uneven terrain such as sand, gravel, dirt, or grass. Our newest design provides universal access to wheelchair users, pedestrians, carts and strollers. With Beach Trax, you can spend more time doing the things you want and need to do, instead of worrying how you’ll get there. Our pathway provides Access for Life.

Beach Trax folds, making it very easy to set up, break down, and store. Thirty feet can be laid out in under 2 minutes by one able-bodied individual. When folded for storage or transport, 30 feet is approximately 3 inches thick. You can easily fit Beach Trax into a small car, or check it as luggage on a plane for your travels. It is also perfect for businesses and communities who require ADA compliant accessibility for events or long-term use.

Beach Trax allows individuals to have more power over accessibility.

The product was initially designed for adaptive surfers requiring access over sand, however, the versatility of the pathway makes it great for multiple terrains and purposes. Whether you’re needing access for personal or public use, for ADA compliance, events, work, or leisure, Beach Trax is here to provide Access for Life.

1 Unit of Beach Trax consists of:
  • 10 – Panels 36 in x 36 in
  • 30 – Velcro hinges
  • Each panel weighs approximately 5lbs
  • Made from High Density Polyethylene Plastic (HDPE)
  • Replacment parts available
Beach Trax


It's the future for sure.

Spike KaneAdaptive Athlete & Surfing England Ambassador

As the founder of a non-profit organization and a T-7/8 paraplegic myself this is something our foundation would use regularly and I have found Beach Trax to be a game changer for the general disabled community.

Charles "Chaka" WebbAdaptive Athlete, Founder of Stoke for Life Foundation

It works really well...I love the idea and it's light...I could feasibly have it in my car.

Patrick IvisonAdaptive Athlete

“Bruno used Beach Trax this December in La Jolla, CA at the International Surfing Association World Championships. ”

Bruno HansenAdaptive Athlete, 4-Time Adaptive Surfing World Champion

I don't know what we would have done without Beach Trax... Installation was very quick and easy.

Kevin OlenickFather and Coach

Just because I'm in a chair doesn't mean I don't LOVE THE BEACH! Thank you Jenn and @beachtraxsd for allowing my wheels to get a little sandy this vacation! I can't wait for every beach and resort to get one of these!

GretchenMedical Student and Disability Advocate

This was the first time I've gotten all the way down to the water by myself since my accident. I love meeting game changers for our community.

Steph AielloRollette & Blogger