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Our Story

Co-Founders Kelly and Eric both attended graduate school at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in San Diego, CA where they were studying to become occupational therapists. As part of their curriculum they took a class called Assistive Technology. Students were challenged to create a device that would help persons with disabilities in their daily lives. Kelly and Eric were inspired to help local adaptive surfers cross the sand to the waters edge in their wheelchairs with dignity and independence. Motivated to create a user-friendly solution, the two designed numerous prototypes and tested them with the adaptive surfing community. The initial concept worked, and they have since continued to improve upon the design with the input of the adaptive surfers and other wheelchair users. Their goal to have Beach Trax available to the public has been realized in 2018 with the launch of their company, Access Trax.

Our Vision

We envision bringing communities together to help all gain access to any outdoor activity. Access Trax will be a leader in promoting inclusion and accessibility through product development, volunteerism, education, and advocacy. We will focus on providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for portable accessibility.


A blonde woman pushes her wheelchair down a grey pathway towards the ocean between large green shrubbery with sunset colors in the clouds above. Her left arm is posed up in the air.

Click below to watch the video and learn more about the Access Trax mission.

Video screen shot.

Access Trax Team

Kelly is a blonde woman with shoulder length hair. She is smiling and wearing an olive green blouse. The background has bright pink and orange colors on the wall.

Kelly Twichel, OTR/L

Co-Founder & CEO of Access Trax

Eric Packard, OTR/L & Co-Founder
Eric Packard, OTR/L


Hear what inspired Kelly & Eric to invent the Beach Trax wheelchair accessible mat system, featuring video from the first ever US Open Adaptive Surfing Championship in 2017!


Access Trax (formerly known as Beach Trax) is the only foldable, lightweight, durable pathway designed to increase wheelchair access over uneven terrain such as sand, gravel, dirt, or grass. Use for an on-demand beach access pathway for visitors with disabilities or a permanently installed ADA compliant accessible path for a National Park! Access Trax provides universal access to wheelchair users, pedestrians, carts and strollers. With Access Trax, you can spend more time doing the things you want and need to do, instead of worrying how you’ll get there. Our pathway provides Access for Life.


Access Trax folds, making it very easy to set up, transport and store. Thirty feet (10 panels) can be laid out in under 2 minutes by one able-bodied individual. When folded for storage or transport, 10 panels stack under 3 inches thick. You can easily fit the Trax into a small car, or check it as luggage on a plane for your travels. It is also perfect for businesses and communities who require ADA compliant accessibility for events or long-term use.


The product was initially designed for adaptive surfers requiring access over sand, however, the versatility of the pathway makes it great for multiple terrains and purposes. Whether you’re needing access for personal or public use, for ADA compliance, events, work, or leisure, Access Trax is here to provide Access for Life.

  • 36 x 36 x 1/8 inch panel weighs ~5lbs
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Panels are recyclable
  • Replacement parts available
Perfect For:
  • National & State Park Service
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Adaptive sports organizations
  • Outdoor rehabilitation programs
  • ADA compliance for outdoor events
  • Beach resorts
  • Travelers with mobility devices
  • Adaptive athletes
  • Temporary home & yard modifications

Here’s what well-known adaptive athletes are saying about Access Trax

“This was the first time I’ve gotten all the way down to the water by myself since my accident. I love meeting game changers for our community.”
Steph Aiello

LA Rollettes Dancer & Blogger

“I love this product! I am a wheelchair athlete in water-sports. Their products allow my wheelchair to wheel smoothly over the sand into my K1 kayak and launch into the water successfully.”
Channing Cash

Adaptive Kayaker & USA Paralympian

“As the founder of a non-profit organization and a T-7/8 paraplegic myself this is something our foundation would use regularly and I have found Beach Trax to be a game changer for the general disabled community.”
Charles "Chaka" Webb

Adaptive Athlete, Founder of Stoke for Life Foundation

“The Beach Trax are a Life Saver!”
Bruno Hansen

5-Time Adaptive Surfing World Champion