Communities thrive when people of all abilities have full access to the beach. It’s the responsibility of the community members to come up with novel ways to make this happen. One of the most common problems that beach communities face is how to deal with the sand. On one hand, we want everyone to be able to access the beach. On the other hand, we want to maintain the beauty of the landscape and minimize the cost to the community. One of the best solutions to this problem is a portable, foldable sand tracks pathway. A sand tracks pathway is a portable non-permanent beach pathway that allows for easy traversing for strollers and people who use wheelchairs.

Non-Permanent Beach Pathways

As mentioned in previous posts, there are a few solutions for non-permanent beach pathways. It is important to have beach pathways that are non-permanent in order to maintain the beauty of the landscape. It also important because the tides change throughout the day. By being able to move the beach pathway easily, you can adjust it throughout the day.

non permanent beach pathways

Portable Beach Walkway

For the same reasons above, it is also important that the beach walkway to be portable. Changing tides and seasons can affect the water levels. You don’t want your permanent or semi-permanent pathway destroyed by a hurricane or other natural disaster. With a portable beach walkway, you can move it easily to a safe storage location during hurricane season.

portable beach walkway

Sand Trax

There are a few different products that allow you to create a pathway on the sand. Beach Trax is one such product that you can use on the sand. Beach Trax is a lightweight, portable, foldable walkway that can be used on sand or any other uneven surface.

sand trax

Easy Sand Strolling

Another great benefit of using Beach Trax is that it’s very easy for strollers on the sand. If you’re a family with a young child that uses a stroller, Beach Trax makes traversing that sand very easy.