Access to the Outdoors is Yours

Below you’ll find helpful information for making the most out of your Access Trax.

Watch the video below for an overview on folding and connecting your Trax.


Learn how to use the shoulder carrying strap accessory in the video below.


A man in a long sleeve shirt and jeans puts a stack of Access Trax mats in the trunk of his accessible van. He is seated in his power wheelchair and is smiling.

Transport & Storage

The Trax are designed to be transported and stored laying flat. They stack very thin and you can store other equipment on top! Beto in the photo here is transporting his Trax in the back of his accessible van. If by chance you do need to transport the Access Trax standing upright, no worries. You can always lay them down flat once you get to your destination.

Did you know you can also check the Access Trax as luggage on an airplane? Check out the next section to learn some specific tips for securing your pathway for plane travel.

A stack of grey square Access Trax mats lean against a wall. They are connected to the shoulder carrying strap at the top and have orange duct tape across the top, bottom, and corners.

Access Trax & Plane Travel

Yes, that’s right! The Access Trax are so portable that you can take them with you on your travels for wheelchair accessibility on-demand. Simply check the Trax as luggage on the plane as your assistive device. Airlines typically do not charge fees for this, but please check in advance. Here are some specific tips for air travel with your mats:


  • Connect the mats using the provided hinges & accordion fold into a stack
  • Using duct tape, secure at least top, bottom and corners to prevent opening
  • Connect to carrying strap if you have one
  • Check as luggage (not carry on)
A man wearing a baseball hat and long sleeve shirt smiles as he carries the Access Trax mats using the shoulder carrying strap. He is standing inside an airport near the baggage claim.

Additional Tips

Accordion fold when connected

Failure to accordion fold may damage hinges & mats.

Handle with gloves in hot weather

Mats may get hot in direct sunlight.

Clean with broom or fresh water

Mats are easy to clean! Store dry & flat.

Can stake down mats as needed

Example of 1/2″ diameter steel spikes that will work depending on the terrain.
A woman in a tshirt and shorts smiles next to a man in a pink collared shirt and shorts at the beach. The man is in his power wheelchair which is on a grey Access Trax pathway on sand.

We hope the Access Trax empower you to access the outdoors and wherever you want to go. See how Kevin and Dee, “Accessible Adventurers” use their Access Trax in their Vlog episode! Click on the photo to watch the video.

Access Trax is always here for you if you have questions or feedback. Please don’t hesitate to email or call us!

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