Beach Trax is a lightweight, foldable temporary pathway designed to increase access over uneven terrain such as sand, gravel, dirt, or grass. Our newest design provides universal access to wheelchair users, pedestrians, carts and strollers. With Beach Trax, you can spend more time doing the things you want and need to do, instead of worrying how you’ll get there.

Our pathway provides Access for Life.

Before Beach Trax

Limited access for beach goers using wheeled devices.

With Beach Trax

Full access to surf, swim and enjoy the water.

Beach Trax allows individuals to have more power over accessibility. The product was initially designed for adaptive surfers requiring access over sand, however, the versatility of the pathway makes it great for multiple terrains and purposes. Whether you’re needing access for personal or public use, for ADA compliance,  events, work, or leisure, Beach Trax is here to provide Access for Life.