Access Trax Mat

The only portable, foldable pathway for accessibility over outdoor terrain.

Digital badge for FedEx 2020 Small Business Grant Contest Grand Prize Winner.

We empower people of all abilities to access the outdoors through our innovative portable, modular access mats.

Provides ADA compliant access for people using mobility devices, parents & strollers, event equipment transport & more.

Individual Access Trax mats only weigh 5lbs. Easy to transport and set up.


When hinged together, 10 panels accordion fold to stack under 3″ flat.

Increased Access

Provides easy access to areas over sand, gravel, dirt, grass & snow.


UV stable, recyclable hard plastic provides a smooth and long lasting pathway.

Inspired by adaptive athletes; invented by occupational therapists. Our purpose is to empower people to live healthy and active lifestyles without barriers.

We are proud to serve a variety of industries

Outdoor recreation programs, businesses, & events

Image shows Access Trax CEO Kelly, a blonde woman wearing a black and camo zip up jacket, on the left smiling standing next to a National Park Accessibility Coordinator who is a taller man wearing a hat and tan button up with dark green cargo pants. They are both holding a stack of Access Trax panels in front of them and the Golden Gate Bridge is in the background.


Image shows a blonde woman wearing a jean jacket and black pants with a baseball hat seated in her manual wheelchair smiling with her young son by her side. They are on a grey portable pathway over sand at the beach.

Individuals and

Logo for Coralus (formerly SheEo) Venture with digital rendering of a "C" and text in teal blue color.

As Seen in JPMorgan Chase TV spot starting June 1st!

A man uses his power chair on a blue portable Access Trax mat on sand at the beach early morning. He is wearing a short sleeve wetsuit.

Rent Access Trax in Southern California and beyond!

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of what accessible beach days look like thanks to Access Trax!

Access Trax allows individuals & communities to have more power over accessibility


A blonde woman wearing a blue long sleeve shirt and pants unfolds the grey Access Trax square mats onto sand at the beach with a pier in the background.

Clients and Partners

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