Alyssa “Snoopy” Montenegro is no ordinary teen but an adaptive athlete to recon with. Alyssa loves to surf and skate, and recently took first place in the women’s division at the WCMX and Adaptive Skate World Competition in April at the South Fontana Skatepark.

We met Alyssa at the Santa Monica Life Rolls On surf event this June. Her positive attitude and mature demeanor really stood out. Alyssa is an adaptive individual due to partial paralysis in her legs caused by a battle with cancer at the age of 3.

Alyssa definitely does not live life bound by barriers just because she rolls instead of walks. She first got into adaptive sports through a grant for a tennis wheelchair, and quickly got into adaptive skating- or WCMX for short. Alyssa loves the sense of community and encouragement from fellow skaters and has even been working on backflips.

Be sure to say hi to Alyssa if you see her practicing at the Fontana skate park or catching some waves!