Filming On Uneven Terrain is Challenging

Ever wonder what it takes to film a major action scene on a muddy or sandy landscape? How do the set, actors, crew and equipment get into position? What goes on “behind the scenes” as they say is quite incredible. There may only be a few people on-camera, but a whole crew is working magic to ensure that perfect scene is captured. This involves lots of people and often very heavy equipment. Imagine if it is your job to move multiple 400 pound carts full of expensive equipment across sand at the beach or a snow-covered valley! Wheels seem like a good idea but they don’t mix well with most outdoor terrain. You need better traction. That’s where a durable, quick, and easy to install pathway like Access Trax comes in handy.

 camera man sits up high filming a scene of indigenous people in a grassy field with a tree.

Access Trax Serves Film Industry Grip Crews

Back in 2020, Access Trax got a call from the hit medical drama show Grey’s Anatomy. They needed an easy way to move their film gear & staff across sand at the beach for an ongoing set of scenes during season 17. While this was a new industry for the startup, Access Trax was ready for the challenge. Grey’s Anatomy rented the modular, connecting mats a few days at a time whenever they needed them. Access Trax delivered either to the studio or on-location and picked up on-location when they were done. The crew had no problem learning how to easily use the modular access mats. All they needed to do was unfold them to install, and connect the hinges. Clean up was also simple with either a broom or fresh water.

Image shows a grey portable access platform over sand at the beach on a cloudy day. There is film industry equipment on the platform and two men standing near a dolly. There is a small lifeguard tower in the background.

Portable Pathways Make Outdoor Filming Easy

If you’re a Locations Manager, Production Supervisor, or Key Grip, you may be interested in learning more. You can find out how the Access Trax folding, modular mats can be a solution for your outdoor filming, just like it has been for other major studios such as Disney and Lucasfilm (yes, that’s Star Wars)! Give us a call or email today and we can rent or sell the mats for your next production. Save time and labor costs by setting up a quick pathway and your crew will thank you. Access Trax is a local San Diego company and can deliver to Los Angeles or ship nation-wide! You can learn more about our rental service here.

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