Whether you are going to the beach, the park, or your favorite concert, there are many reasons to have foldable floor mat access. Uneven terrain can be an issue for a person of any ability and a portable, foldable, floor mat is one of the best solutions for all of these places.

Access The Beach

Who doesn’t love the beach? But for some, access to the beach can be difficult. For example, if you are a parent pushing the baby stroller or a person who uses a wheelchair, it might be difficult without a permanent or portable pathway. Imagine being able to “roll out the red carpet” and have easy access to the beach. Beach Trax is one such solution that allows people of all abilities beach access. It is also easy to deploy for beach events, but I will get into that below.

Access The Beach

Adaptive Surf League At Huntington Beach

For People With Disabilities

As mentioned above, for people with disabilities that use a wheelchair, Beach Trax is perfect for beach access. However, it can also be used to assist people in wheelchairs to easily move over grass, gravel, and even snow. This gives people a greater feeling of independence and dignity.

People With DisabilitiesFor Pedestrians

Another reason to have a foldable floor mat access is so that pedestrians can access uneven terrain. For example, families with baby/pet strollers or people using crutches or walkers may have difficult over uneven grass or gravel. A solution like Beach Trax would easily solve this issue because it is easy to set-up and will create a more level-surface that people of all abilities can use. It gives that extra boost of confidence to people who typically have trouble with uneven terrain. One last thing is that a portable/foldable floor mat will protect people who are barefoot from broken glass, gravel, or other sharp objects on the ground.

Beach Trax For Pedestrians

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For Beach Events

When you have an event on the beach such as a wedding, surf competition, or a picnic, having a foldable floor mat can be incredibly helpful.  It can be used as a pathway or stage at a wedding for people of all abilities. If you have people that use wheelchairs, it is a game-changer at a surf competition as a pathway, spectator area, or just a place to hang out by the water.  Finally, it can be especially useful on days where the sand is extremely hot and can burn the bottoms of your feet.

An all-around pathway solution for uneven terrain

Foldable/portable mats are ideal for places that don’t have permanent pathways over uneven terrain. This can include grass, gravel, sand, or even snow. So the next time you decide to head out to one of these locations and you are going with someone who might benefit from having a pathway over the uneven terrain, consider a portable pathway solution like Beach Trax.

Pathway Solution For Uneven Terrain