Access Trax Rentals


Access for All

Whether for personal, business, or city use, make sure your next outdoor event is ADA compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act) and fully accessible to everyone including vendors transporting equipment. Access Trax provides a firm and stable walkway to make it easier to move over terrain such as sand, grass, gravel and dirt. Perfect for public or private events, outdoor movie sets, a day at the beach, or camping… possibilities are endless!

Images shows a woman and young lady walking side-by-side holding hands down a grey Access Trax pathway on sand at the beach. The young lady has a prosthetic leg.


Event Set-up Available

Event delivery and set-up is available in Southern California and beyond! At Access Trax, we cater to family outdoor adventures as well as large multi-day events with the same attention and care. Let us manage the installation and breakdown for you while you focus on making your event run smoothly. We’ll help you design the pathway configuration to best meet your needs.

Cost Effective

We offer affordable rentals including event set-up starting at just $5 per 3×3 ft panel per day. Save on costs by managing your own set-up after a brief tutorial. You’ll be amazed and relieved at how easy it is to use Access Trax. The video below features our CEO Kelly demonstrating pathway set up and tips in under 2 minutes!


Access Trax Rentals

Access Trax is a local San Diego business passionate about providing outdoor accessibility solutions. Our pathway is the only foldable, portable, lightweight pathway empowering people of all abilities to access uneven terrain.


Beach Wedding using Access Trax on the sand.

How it Works

We’ll be happy to provide you a custom quote based on your event dates, location, layout, and any other considerations. We can provide the set-up labor in most cases, or you can have your event staff and volunteers easily manage the task.

Rentals are available for families, organizations and government entities. Access Trax has worked with small private beach weddings all the way to 17,000+ attendee events with the same attention and care.

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Image overlooks a beach from above with hundreds of people. Some are walking along a grey pathway on the sand.

A bride holds her father's hand as they walk down the grey Access Trax pathway over grass at a park. The father is holding a white teddy bear and is seated in his manual wheelchair. Another man assists by pushing the father in his wheelchair. They are all wearing clear face shields due to covid-19 precautions.