If there is one thing that everyone thinks about when they think ‘beach’, it’s undoubtedly sand. Sand can be both your best friend and your worst enemy. It can be both relaxing and therapeutic when you bury your feet in it while enjoying your favorite ice cold beverage. It can also be a nightmare if gets buried in your bathing suit and causes chaffing and irritation. There are also the issues of traversing across hot sand which can burn the bottoms of your feet, ouch! In addition, some people also have issues moving across uneven surfaces such as sand. Though getting sand in your favorite bathing suit may be inevitable, a beach sand mat can alleviate all of those other problems.

Beach Access Foldable Mats

As mentioned above, accessing the beach can be difficult for people using wheelchairs, strollers, or anyone that has difficulty on uneven surfaces. One of the ways in which these groups can gain beach access is using mats.  There are a few products on the market that facilitate this. However, Beach Trax is the only one that is foldable, portable, and lightweight. It is important that foldable mats be portable and lightweight or else beach access can be just as difficult.

As seen in the photo below, this adaptive surfer is using a wheelchair and is only able to access part of the beach. This is during Costa Rica’s first 2019 Adaptive Surf Competition.  They are unable to access the water without help. By supplementing this non-foldable beach sand mat with a product like Beach Trax, it would allow this person to get all the way to the water independently.

beach access foldable mats

Using Access Trax

If you’ve been following the blog, then you know all about using Access Trax. For those that haven’t been following along, I will give you the quick tutorial. In order to set-up Beach Trax, simply start with panels stacked upright and grasp all but the 2 furthest from your body. Start to move away from the stack of panels down the intended path, releasing 2 panels from your grasp at a time. Stop once all panels are unfolded in the desired location. Adjust as necessary. A video of a lifeguard using it for the first time can be found here. It was so easy that he was able to do it on first try with 30 seconds of instructions!

using access trax on sand

Foldable Access Trax Benefits

There are many benefits to having a foldable, portable pathway such as Access Trax. The main benefit includes easy access to the beach. The second benefit is that it allows people with disabilities access to many different outdoor terrains such as grass, gravel, and even snow. This is not limited to people with disabilities, however. Even pedestrians who have trouble on uneven terrain can benefit from having a foldable mat made by Access Trax. This may be especially true at events such as weddings that are on the beach.

A full list of Access Trax benefits can be found on our previous post 5 Reasons To Have Foldable Floor Mat Access.

foldable access trax benefits

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