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“Access Trax is highly recommended for its transformative impact on accessibility. Its user-friendly design, portability, and ease of assembly make it a valuable asset for enhancing inclusivity.”

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Meet THE

Gurmilan Foundation

This nonprofit based in San Diego focuses on helping individuals with disabilities in the US and Mexico to achieve their educational, recreational or life goals. They prove scholarships and host community events such as adaptive surf clinics and an annual Walk and Roll festival.

Photo of Beto Gurmilan smiling while at one of his foundation's events outdoors on grass. He is wearing a white polo shirt, jeans and sunglasses. He is seated in his power wheelchair.

Beto Gurmilan

College professor, author,

TV Sports Anchor, & nonprofit founder

Passionate about surfing, my life took an unexpected turn at age 15 when, riding the last wave of the day, I broke my neck and found myself paralyzed from the chest down. The journey to recovery was challenging, yet through this process, I discovered the profound value of life and realized my capacity to inspire others.

Transforming personal tragedy into positivity became my mission, aiming to assist others in bettering their lives. This led to the creation of the Gurmilan Foundation, dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities on both sides of the US/Mexico border. The foundation provides scholarships for education, adaptive equipment, and driver training, opening up possibilities for those facing disabilities.

Our nonprofit has been utilizing Access Trax for the past 5 years, recognizing the pivotal role it plays in addressing a critical issue: limited accessibility to beaches for individuals facing mobility challenges.

Access Trax is a solution, providing a versatile and efficient means for individuals with mobility impairments to navigate sandy terrains and enjoy the therapeutic and recreational benefits that coastal areas offer. Beyond its practical benefits, Access Trax contributes to building a sense of community, breaking down barriers, and fostering positive shared experiences. Its versatility and positive impact make it an invaluable tool for anyone seeking to create more accessible and inclusive spaces.

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A girl in a wheelchair wearing white cap and blue t-shirt smiling next to a lake and a an orange tent

Government : Parks and Recreation

Photo of a woman smiling with her left arm up in the air at the beach (Bay) on a sunny day. She is wearing a short sleeve top and shorts and is seated in her manual wheelchair which is on a grey accessible beach mat on sand.

Individuals: Outdoor Recreation

“Access Trax have been a game changer for our event! They make it possible to get our participants down to the water and create an area where their wheelchairs can be parked together and everyone can enjoy the beach together.”

Amy L.

Adaptive Freedom Foundation

Photo of a woman smiling for a selfie on the front of a wheelchair adapted paddle board on the water. There is a female paddle boarder in her wheelchair and a man smiling standing on the back of the board with the paddle.

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      Our Story

      Access Trax invented by two occupational therapists in Southern California who saw a need for greater inclusion and accessibility and wanted to create a cost effective solution to create access for all.

      Kelly and Eric with adaptive surfer Bruno and the very first prototype of the Access Trax mat.

      Access Trax was invented as part of a class project while attending University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences.

      A man with a beard wearing sunglasses and a cap with blue t-shirt and a blonde woman with light blue t-shirt and cap next to a man with a long blond hair and cap in a wheelchair
      Photo of a grey square, flat access mat with small 1/2 holes throughout. The center has the Access Trax Logo.
      Size 5.2 lbs
      Dimensions 36 × 36 × 0.125 in
      Warranty 180 Day Guarantee

      Access Trax Mat

      Durable, lightweight, foldable, portable wheelchair access mats.

      Perfect for flat terrain like sand, gravel, dirt, mulch & grass.

      Each Mat Comes with:

      1 – Mat 36 x 36 x 1/8 inch; 5.2 lbs (91.4 x 91.4 x 0.32 cm ; 2.35kg)
      3 – Orange Hinges

      Rentals, large project pricing discounts,
      and offset funding may be available.
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