Pathway to the fun!  A participant used the Beach Trax sand access mat to independently make his way to the water at this adaptive surf camp in Rosarito Beach, Mexico – May 2019.

The Gurmilan Foundation is a nonprofit based in Southern California that empowers individuals with disabilities through education and opportunities. The foundation helps others reach their full potential through training, grants, and the opportunity to participate in adaptive sports. In 2019, the Gurmilan Foundation hosted adaptive surfing camps in California and Mexico. Their first ever camp in Baja California was a huge success, and they have plans for more events in 2020.

In order to organize a safe and fun adaptive surfing event, lots of planning, volunteers and adaptive equipment is involved. From adaptive surfboards to accessible beach mats, adaptive equipment is used to ensure everyone regardless of physical ability can participate. Accessible beach mats like Beach Trax provide a stable surface for everyone to use on the sand. This is perfect for wheelchairs, walkers, baby strollers, beach carts, and people walking. The adaptive surf boards may be modified to have hand grips near the front, have extra padding on the sides, or have a soft foam top for safety for example.


Adaptive surfers, their families, and volunteers gather around Beto at the first ever adaptive surf camp in Rosarito Beach, Baja California.

The Gurmilan Foundation takes all of this into consideration for their adaptive surfing camps and fundraised for accessibility equipment. Items on their list included the Beach Trax portable beach pathway and a new floating beach wheelchair to assist with getting in and out of the water. Within a few weeks, the fundraiser goal was achieved and in December, Beto Gurmilan picked up his new set of Beach Trax. Access Trax is excited to serve such amazing organizations and we look forward to what 2020 brings!