Access Trax

We empower people of all abilities to access the outdoors through our innovative portable, durable pathway solutions.

Access Trax Mat

Provides universal access for people using mobility devices, parents with strollers and all other pedestrians.
The only portable, lightweight, foldable pathway for accessibility over uneven terrain.

Individual Access Trax panels weigh approximately 5lbs. Easy to carry and set up.


When hinged together, 10 panels accordion fold to stack under 3″ flat.

Increased Access

Access Trax empowers the user to access life’s activities over sand, gravel, dirt, grass, etc…


Constructed from UV stable, recyclable hard plastic to provide a smooth and long lasting pathway.

Access Trax believes in improving accessibility for everyone, everywhere.
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Adaptive sports associations,
outdoor events, recreation programs


Individuals and

Access Trax is now available for rent in Southern California and beyond!

Adaptive surfer Kumaka uses Access Trax to cross the long stretch of sand at Huntington Beach to access the water.


Access Trax allows individuals

to have more power over accessibility

Access Trax (formerly Beach Trax) is a lightweight, foldable, durable pathway designed to increase access over uneven terrain such as sand, gravel, dirt, grass, and snow. Our design provides ADA compliant accessibility to wheelchair users, pedestrians, carts and strollers. Our patent pending technology allows Access Trax to fold, making it very easy to set up, break down, and store. With Access Trax, you can spend more time doing the things you want and need to do, instead of worrying how you’ll get there.


Whether you’re needing access for personal or public use, for ADA compliance, events, work, or leisure.

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