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ADA wheelchair beach mat,accessibility

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ADA wheelchair beach mat,accessibility


ADA wheelchair beach mat,accessibility

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ADA wheelchair beach mat,accessibility

Whether you’re looking for temporary or long-term wheelchair accessible pathways for the outdoors or need to achieve ADA compliance and inclusion at an event, Access Trax has you covered.

Product Features You’ll Love:


Stable walkway for ADA compliance

Durable & reliable for years

Quick & easy set up & maintenance

Promotes inclusion

Proudly made in the USA


Customize the pathway


Stake down panels for permanence

ADA wheelchair beach mat,accessibility

The Access Trax Product

Access Trax is an ADA compliant outdoor pathway system used to make terrain like sand, grass, gravel, and snow accessible for people with physical disabilities. Perfect for long-term installation at public beaches and parks, or as a temporary pathway at an event. Each sturdy square panel is 3 ft x 3 ft x 1/8 inch in size and only weighs 5.2 lbs. Installation and maintenance is a breeze. Create custom pathway shapes with our modular mats that connect with easy-to-use hinges. For long-term installation, you can stake down the pathway. It has never been easier to make inclusion and accessibility a priority. Plus, you’ll meet event permitting requirements for ADA compliance when installed as directed.

It has never been easier to make access and inclusion a reality!

“I looked at a lot of products for this type of thing, and I think yours appears to be the most versatile, easy to use, and cost effective.”

-John, City Special Projects Director

See How Access Trax Works for the Most Visited National Park in America

Since 2019, the Golden Gate Recreational Area has used Access Trax for their wheelchair accessible beach mat solutions at two popular beaches. The Golden Gate Recreational Area is part of the world-famous National Park Service. In fact, it is the most visited location of the whole 400+ park system! Access Trax is installed at two locations within the area: Crissy Field East Beach and Rodeo Beach. Once you visit the Golden Gate Recreational Area, you’ll know first-hand how they take accessibility and inclusion to heart.

The Golden Gate Recreational Area trusts Access Trax to provide a safe ADA compliant pathway over sand in their National Park so visitors who use mobility devices (wheelchairs, walkers, etc.) can enjoy more of their beautiful, pristine beaches. They have over 1,500 square feet of wheelchair accessible pathway! For routine maintenance, park staff simply sweep or use a leaf blower to clear sand off the pathway. Stakes are used during installation to keep the accessible beach pathway secure. When the sand needs to be periodically graded, staff can easily move the whole pathway or small sections at a time due to the durable removable hinges. During inclement weather/seasons, Access Trax panels are easily folded and stacked in storage, taking up very little space. The simplicity and effectiveness of the Access Trax accessible beach mat allows park rangers to focus on making their park the best it can be.

ADA wheelchair beach mat,accessibility
Checked out the Beach Trax beach mats in San Francisco at Crissy Field beach and they are fantastic!! These mats are very sturdy, they are bolted down into the sand and allow a wheelchair to go onto the beach! While there, I noticed people with kids’ strollers using them, too, so these mats serve more than just one group of visitors!

San Francisco resident & accessible travel expert

Check out the images below to see Access Trax in action!

Our Story

The Access Trax portable access mat was inspired by adaptive surfers and invented by two occupational therapists in California who are passionate about inclusion and universal design. You can learn more about our story here. Access Trax has been used to improve access over sand, grass, gravel, and snow for people who use all kinds of mobility devices.

Access Trax Benefits

Our focus is to provide cost-effective and versatile ADA compliant accessibility solutions. You can rely on the Access Trax portable pathway as your department focuses on creating inclusive communities for those you serve. When your organization or facility needs a wheelchair accessibility solution at the beach, park, lake or desert, Access Trax is a must have. For special community events, an ADA compliant pathway over grass, gravel or snow will enable your participants to safely access activities. The foresight of having an accessible pathway at your outdoor areas and events will attract tourists and earn credibility and respect from your community. It will also help cover ADA law requirements for access routes. An inclusive accessible pathway will undoubtedly strengthen the positive impact you have on your constituents for years to come.

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ADA wheelchair beach mat,accessibility

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