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Whether you’re having a beach day, going camping, traveling on vacation, or simply want to make your yard and garden accessible, Access Trax has you covered.

Product Features You’ll Love:


Stable walkway for mobility

Durable & reliable for years

Quick & easy 1-person set up

Check as luggage on planes


Customize the pathway


Stacks flat & fits in cars

The Access Trax Product

With the Access Trax wheelchair accessible pathway, you no longer have to worry about sand, grass, or gravel being a barrier to adventure.

  • Each mat is 36 x 36 x 1/8 inch square (91 x 91 x 0.32 cm)
  • Lightweight: Only weighs 5.2 lbs (2.4 kg) each
  • Connect mats in any configuration with removable hinges
  • Traveling? Check Access Trax as luggage on the airplane
  • Most airlines will check it free-of-charge as assistive technology
  • Stake down path for long-term use

See How Access Trax Made Makayla’s Camping Trip More Accessible

Makayla loves to camp and travel. She used Access Trax recently for a camping and fishing trip in Southern California. The Access Trax portable access mat is the perfect solution for accessibility on demand because it is so lightweight and easy to use. Makayla’s significant other is able to lay out the mats in a matter of seconds wherever they go! Five panels of Trax only weigh 26 pounds folded and stacked neatly with the carrying strap. This is truly accessibility at your fingertips!

Makayla trusts Access Trax to provide a stable pathway over terrain like grass and sand so she can go anywhere in the comfort of her own custom wheelchair. Having Access Trax on-hand allows for spontaneous outdoor activities without wondering if the beach, park, or campsite is accessible. This freedom to access the outdoors without barriers is life changing. Everyone deserves this freedom, including you!

A young woman with brunette hair smiles seated in her manual wheelchair at her campsite which overlooks a lake. Her chair is on a grey Access Trax portable pathway. There is an orange tent on the right.

I can definitely say Access Trax has made a huge impact on my ability to enjoy activities, spend more time with family and less time stressing about how I’m going to get there.


Traveler & Wheelchair User

Our Story

The Access Trax portable access mat was inspired by adaptive surfers and invented by two occupational therapists in California who are passionate about inclusion and universal design. You can learn more about our story here. Access Trax has been used to improve access over sand, grass, gravel, and snow for people who use all kinds of mobility devices. Applications include family vacations, outdoor recreation, home modifications and much more. Access Trax is proud to have international nonprofit partners. We are dedicated to improving accessibility all over the world.

Access Trax Benefits

Our focus is to provide cost-effective and user friendly accessibility solutions. You can rely on the Access Trax portable pathway whenever and wherever you need it, so you and your family can focus on having fun outdoors. When you need a wheelchair accessibility solution at the beach, lake, river or desert, Access Trax is a must have. For your home or local playground, a pathway over grass, gravel or snow will enable everyone to safely access more outdoor space and activities. Access Trax is here to provide Access for life.