Kelly Guest Speaker for Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global Webinar

Advocating for Access to the Outdoors Worldwide

On November 4th 2020, Kelly of Access Trax shared the Access Trax story as part of a “wegginar” series presented by Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global (Wegg). Wegg’s mission is “to educate, inspire and nurture women business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide on how to go global so they can run healthier businesses and create a new future for themselves, their families, and their community.”

As part of the live virtual presentation, Kelly shared what inspired her to invent the product, business challenges, what is the most rewarding, global shipping logistics, and how she sells the product. Kelly also featured 2 exciting videos featuring a customer testimonial and a visual journey of the Access Trax product over the years. At the end of the conversation, Kelly spoke about the 5 year vision for Access Trax with big goals. During the discussion which included a Q&A, a representative from the U.S. Commercial Service also hopped on the call.

Kelly is seated at a table with her laptop in front, camera attached. She is wearing a grey suit jacket and is gently smiling. In the background is an Access Trax banner showing a beach sunset with the ocean and a blonde lady bending down to touch the sand from her wheelchair.

If you’d like to watch the 50 minute presentation, simply register for free using this link! Thank you to Laurel and Laura of Wegg for inviting Access Trax to be on the webinar series!

To learn more about Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global, a nonprofit, click here.

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