As mentioned in previous posts, there are a few different solutions for foldable beach mats that can be used on various terrain. Access Trax has created one such solution called Beach Trax. Beach Trax is a foldable, portable pathway for people of all abilities. Below, we will discuss how foldable beach mats work.

How Beach Trax Started On The Sand

The creators of Beach Trax met in graduate school in 2015, where they were both studying to become occupational therapists. As part of their curriculum, they took a class called Assistive Technology where they were challenged to create a device that would help a specific population with a disability. Their professor asked the class if anyone had an idea to help adaptive surfers get from the parking lot across the sand to the water’s edge with dignity and independence. Many prototypes were designed and tested with the help of the adaptive surfing community. The initial concept worked, and they have since continued to improve upon the design with the input of the adaptive surfers and other users.

Since Beach Trax was originally created to be used with adaptive surfing, it’s no surprise, then, that it would perform so well on the sand. Not only is it successful in helping adaptive surfers get to the water with dignity and independence, it is also easy to set-up

Access Trax Beach Sand

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How Beach Trax Pathway Works

In order to set-up Beach Trax, simply start with panels stacked upright and grasp all but the 2 furthest from your body.

How To Use Access TraxStart to move away from the stack of panels down the intended path, releasing 2 panels from your grasp at a time. Stop once all panels are unfolded in the desired location. Adjust as necessary.

To secure a hinge, simply place one end through a panel hinge slit with the hook (rough) side facing up, and thread through the corresponding hinge slit on the opposite panel and secure (see image above, right). Panels may be hinged together in any configuration desired (ex. In a single or double wide path, large square area, etc.).

To fold up Beach Trax, start at one end and pick up the panel, moving towards the other end while folding in an accordion style (ex. Alternating panel surfaces touching bottom to bottom and top to top).

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding how Beach Trax Pathways work, please email accesstrax@gmail.com

Beach Trax Functionality and Features

Storage and transportation of Beach Trax was designed to be hassle-free. One Unit (10 panels) of Beach Trax fits into the trunk or backseat of most standard passenger vehicles when the track is folded into its stacked configuration.

Access Trax Easy Storage

Since Beach Trax is made of a plastic designed to withstand the sun and typical ambient temperatures without melting, it is also durable.

One of the optional features of Beach Trax is the carrying strap. The carrying strap allows a person to carry up to 1 unit of Beach Trax over their shoulder. To use the optional carrying strap, simply stack the panels with the holes lined up, and thread the paracord through the desired holes on the panels.


Access Trax Easy Transport

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Gone are the days when you have to worry about how to overcome barriers to your outdoor activities, events, or even backyard. Beach Trax is the perfect solution with the most user-friendly design, ready to provide #AccessForLife in seconds.