With some pre-planning, and innovative products, a day at the beach can become much better than being stuck on the boardwalk. 

Visiting the beach is a go-to warm weather activity. But for people with disabilities, a beach day can be a complex challenge that includes research, tough decisions and lots of compromises. The Americans with Disabilities Act mandates equal opportunity for people with disabilities across all aspects of daily life including recreation. This has thankfully caused government and private organizations to take a closer look at accessibility and inclusion for places and accommodations. Despite 2020 being the 30 year anniversary since the passage of the ADA, accessibility — and to that end, the perfect beach day — is “rarely perfect,” indicates travel blogger John Morris.

The good news is that in the case of a beach day, more locations are becoming handicap accessible- we’ll discuss some of the ways here. There are several considerations whether you, or a caregiver, aim to create a successful day at the beach. A few factors are: location of the beach relative to the parking or public transport stops, whether there are wheelchair-accessible restrooms nearby, and ease of access to the water’s edge. In order to improve wheelchair accessible beach access, more assistive technology tools are becoming available. Owning a beach wheelchair or a more cost-effective solution like a portable wheelchair beach mat like Beach Trax can make all the difference for a day of fun for the whole family. Our CEO contributed to a blog about this topic and best beach resources for people with disabilities. View the full article written by Ligaya Malones for more useful information.

Portable beach access mats like Beach Trax make for an easy way to safely get to the water.
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